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2020 and Beyond.

In 2020, I graduated pharmacy school in the midst of a global pandemic.

After pharmacist job listings for new graduates were replaced with job descriptions requiring three years of licensed pharmacist experience, I decided to pivot.

The decision to become an ADHD guide, online entrepreneur, and writer stemmed from my need to work from home.

As a highly sensitive introvert with multiple invisible disabilities, I always had a feeling that remote work would be more manageable.

The pandemic gave me a chance to test it out. For the last two months of pharmacy school clinical rotations, I worked remotely, calculating medication doses and recommending treatment regimens.

I found that I was able to be more resourceful as well as rest + recover at odd, but necessary times.

What pushed me hardest to pivot was the ableism I experienced from preceptors and faculty members.

All of the paperwork and self-advocacy I did to receive disability accommodations were constantly questioned and dismissed.

It was a painful experience, and I knew I wasn't alone. The pandemic has pushed many to seek help for ADHD, and I knew how scary and difficult it would be without understanding their diagnosis.

That's why I decided to pivot to guiding ADHD-ers in finding solutions that work for them.

I now provide affordable guidance offerings to help ADHD-ers, or those who identify as neurodivergent, navigate the academic and healthcare industrial complex while finding ways to THRIVE on their own terms.

If you're new here, don't hesitate to DM me on Instagram or email me to say hi!

Please let me know if you have any questions about my offerings!

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My mission is to serve people living with ADHD by helping them feel seen, heard, and understood--no matter what identities they hold close.

Note: Self-diagnosis is just as valid as professional diagnosis!

1:1 ADHD Offering

ADHD Guidance/Consulting

This is a low-commitment offering for those who just want a peer-to-peer discussion with someone from a professional healthcare background that has lived experience with ADHD.

In each session, we can discuss anything from ADHD diagnosis, medications, treatment strategies, academic or clinical accommodations, mental health, navigating personal and professional relationships, or any other topics agreed upon before the session.

Everything discussed is for informational purposes only and not to be interpreted as medical or legal advice.

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I'm more than willing to see both sides of a situation. With a natural tendency for radical acceptance, I'm able to open doors and invite curiosity without judgment as well as collaboration without power dynamics.


As a Doctor of Pharmacy trained to ensure the safety and wellness of my patients, I bring that same energy + accountability as an ADHD guide. As a servant leader, I'm committed to uplift neurodivergent communities, especially those most marginalized.


Connection has always been an integral part of my journey. I thrive when I surround myself with people who believe in me, so I understand the importance a guide's role in the ADHD community. I truly believe in collaboration over competition as well as connection over profit.

work with me

Gain clarity on your unique ADHD traits, implement evidence-based strategies for organization + planning, and build a sustainable lifestyle where you can thrive.

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clients say

For months before my session, I had been flip-flopping on whether or not I could even consider if I had ADHD. My inner world was chaotic, but my systems helped me stay organized. What folks didn't know was that I felt incredibly frazzled, like I would never catch up, even while I was getting things done. For the most part, I had a lot of self-doubt because my inner experiences and my outer world were so different, and I needed to resolve that doubt.

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After speaking with Alexis, I gained a better understanding of neurodivergence that has been really helpful in non-judgmentally examining what my needs really are, rather than what I need to change to fit into neurotypical expectations. Knowing I'm not alone in having a different inner and outer world was such a relief, and having that confirmation from someone with lived experience of ADHD meant I felt like I could trust myself more afterwards.

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Talking to Alexis was like talking to someone On The Other Side, someone who has been where you've been and knows the way. I absolutely recommend you reach out to Alexis, especially if you're in the Filipinx/Asian diaspora like me and want to understand how these identities interact with each other.

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